How To Return To Bass Playing After A LONG Break…

This is a HUGE week!

Long story short, I’ve been without my bass for far too long!!! One of the perils of international moving…

It’s all good though because after months of being without it, my bass arrived intact (phew…) a few days ago.

The only problem – I was in terrible pain after 20 minutes of playing.

All because I hadn’t played my bass in such a long time.

Working through the pain, I had some realizations that really took me back to basics – a little bit frustrating right now, but I know it will be totally worth it in the end.

Check out the lesson…


Have you ever had to take a long break from playing? Maybe your life just got in the way and you didn’t play for months or even years?

How did you get back into it? Did you find you had the same problems dealing with getting to know your bass again?

In a way, it’s kinda nice – like you’re meeting an old best friend after a long time.

In a different way, it sucks! You have to go through the whole process of re-conditioning your body, but it’s totally worth it in the end…

If you’ve been in this kind of situation, let me know about it in the comments below or you can email me directly at

Talk soon,

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