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How To Create Killer Grooves From Scratch

Have you ever considered that you could be your own worse enemy when it comes to your playing? It’s an uncomfortable thought – and one that I’ve certainly had many times since I started playing music. If you’ve ever started playing and not enjoyed what came out of your bass, you know exactly what I […]

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How To Play Bass In Seven – The Basics

Have you ever tried learning to play bass in seven? Is it really as difficult as you’ve convinced yourself it is? I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “NO!!!” When something is unfamiliar to us, we humans sometimes make the assumption that it is too difficult or that we’d never be able […]

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Bass Groove – The Most Overlooked Aspect

Bass Groove – It Took Me Years To Realize One Thing Groove – It’s THE most important aspect of what you do as a bass player. Sure, you might like shredding and playing a bunch of fancy stuff, but it’s your groove that will get you gigs consistently and make you the most popular person […]

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