How To Create Killer Grooves From Scratch

Have you ever considered that you could be your own worse enemy when it comes to your playing? It’s an uncomfortable thought – and one that I’ve certainly had many times since I started playing music. If you’ve ever started playing and not enjoyed what came out of your bass, you know exactly what I […]

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How To Return To Bass Playing After A LONG Break…

This is a HUGE week! Long story short, I’ve been without my bass for far too long!!! One of the perils of international moving… It’s all good though because after months of being without it, my bass arrived intact (phew…) a few days ago. The only problem – I was in terrible pain after 20 […]

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How To Play Bass In Seven – The Basics

Have you ever tried learning to play bass in seven? Is it really as difficult as you’ve convinced yourself it is? I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “NO!!!” When something is unfamiliar to us, we humans sometimes make the assumption that it is too difficult or that we’d never be able […]

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Eliminate Pain In Your Left Hand [Video Lesson]

Have you ever been practicing and noticed a bit of a pang in your left hand? What about after a gig – have you come off the bandstand with an ache in your left arm? Have you ever experienced a throbbing that just won’t go away? Have you ever had such intense agony that you […]

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Bass Groove – The Most Overlooked Aspect

Bass Groove – It Took Me Years To Realize One Thing Groove – It’s THE most important aspect of what you do as a bass player. Sure, you might like shredding and playing a bunch of fancy stuff, but it’s your groove that will get you gigs consistently and make you the most popular person […]

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How to hold an upright bass (endpin adjust)

How To Hold An Upright Bass

If you’re like me, when you started playing, learning how to hold an upright bass was the least of your concerns. You probably just wanted to play the music you loved, right? I’m all for playing music you love, – keep doing that – but it’s also vitally important that you’re holding your bass in […]

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What’s The Best Musical Investment You Ever Made?

It seems like a strange question. You don’t often think about music and ‘investing’ in the same way. Investing is for bankers, stockbrokers and people with more savings than they know what to do with, right? Well, yes, you’re probably right.But you make investments every time you sit down to play your instrument. You’re investing […]

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How To Get What You Want By Letting Everyone Win

It’s story time! This is a story that showed up on my personal website¬†a few months ago, but it’s worth sharing again and may help you avoid some incredibly shitty things happening to you and your band. The Back-Story… Not too long ago, a good friend of mine asked if I would like to play […]

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Learn Music Theory

Should You Learn Music Theory?

So…you’re wondering if you should learn music theory? Dominant 7th Sharp 5, modes of the harmonic minor scale, tritone substitutions…Blergh!!! I’m just kidding, but music theory is a sore subject for a lot of us. So many of us have such a bad relationship with the thought of ¬†having to learn music theory that we […]

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